Commissioners Approve Resolution To Endorse Great Wolf Resorts

During the Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning, there were several items on the agenda. The Commissioners voted to approve the resolution to endorse the Great Wolf Resorts, declared several items surplus, and the GDOT Right-of-Way mowing and maintenance agreement.

The Parks and Recreation was approved by the Commissioners to lift the hiring freeze for part-time workers. They are in need of four scorekeepers and six seasonal maintenance workers. These seasonal workers are a budgeted item. Diana Evans, Purchasing, was approved to declare light poles, fixtures and flood lights surplus. They have four 45’ long light poles and 15 – 1000 watt metal halide fixtures that were taken down at the McCluskey Tennis Center. They would like to dispose of them by sealed bids.

They also have eight copper flood lights that were removed from Boyd Park. These lights were installed in the late 20’s/early 30’s so they are worth more than your normal flood light.

The Commissioners also approved a resolution to Endorse Great Wolf Resorts Holding, Inc. application. This will allow them to participate in the state sales and tax incentive program established by the Georgia Tourism Development Act and inclusion within the sales tax revenues eligible for rebate to GWR under the program, the local option sales taxes (with the exception of the local option education sales tax) collected at the Project (the non-educational local option sales taxes).

The Commissioners approved the GDOT Right-of-Way mowing and maintenance agreement. The Ray C. Anderson Foundation were planning on beautifying Interstate 85 at exit 2 and 18. In order for them to proceed, the commissioners had to enter into an agreement with GDOT Right-of-Way mowing and maintenance after they initial work is completed by the foundation.

Additionally, there was an amendment to resolution setting qualifying fees for 2016 elections. The County governing authority is required to set and publish the qualifying fees for county offices by February 1, 2016. Commissioners adopted a resolution setting the qualifying fee for each office.

Trademark Quality Homes is in the final Plat Phase 2 for the Stone Gate Subdivision. This will be a 24-lot subdivision on John Lovelace Road and Lower Big Springs Road. This subdivision is located on 53.346 acres and the road will be Stone Gate Drive. The infrastructure has individual wells and septic tanks. This was approved by the Commissioners after a public hearing was held Tuesday morning.

The second public hearing was for a Special Use Permit to operate a Towing/Wrecker Service at 2726 West Point Road. The Planning and Zoning recommended the Commissioners deny the request because a large portion is located in the Flood Zone and there is a stream that runs through the property. The 25’ required stream buffer severely limits the development of this property. This item was not vote eligible at the meeting and will be heard from again on March 1st.

There is currently a residential structure on the site and the shop is used for commercial use. The shop houses the commercial use was built in 1983. There has been an automobile repair service which currently operates on this parcel.

The Commissioners also approved a Beer and Wine License for J’s Convenience located at 7701 West Point Road. The application has been reviewed and has met all the requirements of the Troup County Code of Ordinances.