Georgia Forestry Commission, Chattahoochee District Conducts Training At Local Park

The Georgia Forestry Commission, Chattahoochee District will be conducting its annual training at the USCOE Ringer Access park, US Hwy 27, nine miles north of LaGrange, Georgia, on February 24 and 25. The district’s Type 3 Incident Management Team will be performing Water Quality Best Management Practices on pre-suppression firebreaks with the district’s wild land firefighters/tractor plow operators. The park’s daily operation will not be affected.

The Chattahoochee District’s wild land firefighters/ tractor plow operators will receive refresher training that is required once a year and wild land firefighters who are new to the Georgia Forestry Commission will be trained and qualified on Best Management Practices for pre-suppression firebreaks. These procedures are specifically designed to minimize land and water disturbance during the event of fire and to maximize protection of the forest environment. Numerous pieces of heavy equipment bulldozers will be constructing firebreaks during the day, which will not disrupt activities at the picnic areas or boat ramps.

For information concerning this event, contact Ray Brundage, Chattahoochee District Communication Coordinator at 706-845-4122 or