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LaGrange College Open House For Renovated West Side Magnet School

On the afternoon of Thursday, February 25, LaGrange College hosted an open house for a building that will house two of their departments. The nursing program and the music program at LaGrange College have found its home inside of the old West Side Magnet School building at 301 Forest Avenue. The building has been beautifully renovated and features state of the art equipment and facilities to ensure the educationally future of its students.

The first thing that you notice when you enter this building is the beautiful contrast of new floors, bright rooms, and massive space.

There are eight solo practice rooms equipped with pianos, teachers offices that double as spaces for kids to come work one on one, a Mac lab where students can go straight from the chalkboard to their recording instruments, and a state of the art performing studio that will house some amazing rehearsals and recitals.

On the other end of the facility, students are welcomed into a state of the art nursing facility. The classrooms here are packed to the brim with the latest in technology. These corridors host many new hospital beds, practice mannequins that can experience different illnesses, vast studying areas, and many classrooms that are equipped for maximum learning opportunities. The medical future here in LaGrange will be secure for a very long time with the students produced from this facility.

Perhaps the most important thing you notice when you walk into this building are the smiling and helpful faces of the staff at LaGrange College. The teachers and student helpers are so nice and comforting, helping you understand that at the end of the day, education comes down to interaction with people, and you will not find better people than those involved with LaGrange College’s schools of nursing and music.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer