Cavaliers Take A Defensive Stance, Hubbard: “We Have A Chance To Shine”

For the last 12 seasons the Cavaliers have played some rock solid, in your face defense. Callaway High takes no plays off.

The Cavaliers never run dry on defensive playmakers. It might be a coincidence – probably not – but during the same 12-year run at Callaway, Dusty Hubbard has been on the defensive staff with the Cavaliers.

Hubbard expects to have some more shock troops on defense again this season.

“We have some runners and some good players. We want to get better, but we have a chance to shine (this season),” said Hubbard. “You can make up for speed with hustle. We have a chance to be good (again).”

The Cavaliers combine athletes with good high school football players.

“We have guys who are young (on defense), but we can run to the ball,” said Hubbard.

So far, so good for the Callaway High defense. The Cavaliers are ignoring the intense heat as much as possible in the preseason drills. The Cavaliers are making plays with junior defensive tackles Jabrell Jackson and Jamie Sellers, junior linebacker Jonathan Leonard and senior linebacker Thomas Hodge (5foot-10, 180 pounds).

Cavalier freshman cornerback Jartavies Bigsby is capable of striking fear into some opposing ball carriers as well. Callaway senior linebacker Michael Freeman and senior cornerback Braylon Sanders are defensive terrors as well.

They have one speed – fast. The Cavaliers seldom miss tackles.

“This is a hard-working team. We could be one of the best in the country,” said the 6-foot-2, 215-pound Freeman. “We are one unit.”

Chris Fernsler Sports Writer