Eslinger, Medas Keep On Cranking, 12.6 Pounds Is A Bass Winner

Pound for pound there was no better fishing team on the lake than the twosome of Frank Eslinger and Robert Medas.

The hometown boys worked the numbers and caught the fish. Medas and Eslinger, two longtime residents of LaGrange, won the 10th Highland Team Trail Tournament of the year on Sunday. Eslinger and Medas made 12.6 pounds of bass stand up in a first place finish on West Point Lake.

By no means or measure was it easy, however, for the eventual winning team.

“It took us all day, and we caught the five right ones (all largemouth bass). We caught them upwater in 20 feet. We caught the first one at 10 (in the morning), and we caught the last one at 2:45 (in the afternoon),” said Eslinger.

He and Medas went with the same type of lure, for better or for worse. It all worked out for Eslinger and Medas.

“We fished with a big crankbait,” said Eslinger.

He and Medas also split the first place prize money of $1,000. Less than one pound behind the winning team was the fishing crew of Randy Campbell of Cataula and Tim McClendon of LaGrange.

Campbell and McClendon left with some gas money with a check for $350 after catching a second place total of 11.12 pounds of fish. The runner up team caught seven bass and weighed in five. McClendon and Campbell fished in deep water.

They got their bass in 15 feet of freshwater. McClendon and Campbell were the envy of the tournament, too, with the “Big Bass” of the day. That fish weighed in at 4.6 pounds at Highland Marina Resort. No other catch in the tournament weighed four pounds or better.

Campbell and McClendon could very well have lost the biggest fish of the tournament, though.

“That hoss got tangled up (in the water),” said Campbell.

The largemouth bass also got untangled in just a few minutes, thanks to Mc-Clendon and Campbell.

“We had a good bite. We set the hook, and we got right on him. We like the competition,” said Campbell.

The “Big Bass” was worth another $280 for Campbell and McClendon.

Ben Williamson and Brian Adamson left with something, too, with a payday of $200 for finishing third in the Highland Team.


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