Alford, McClung Catch Four Bass In One Foot Of Water

There’s more than one way to catch a freshwater bass.

Carlton Alford of La-Grange is aware of this. He is no West Point Lake beginner. Alford and Matt McClung fished deep, shallow and halfway down.

They tried it all, and Alford and McClung were surprised with what they found last Sunday in the Highland Team Trail Tournament. Their best fishing and catching was done in just one foot of water.

The largemouth and spotted bass didn’t seem to mind.

“This is amazing to me. The fishing is weird, and the bass are in there. We caught fish on Texas Rigs and (plastic) worms. The fish are moving around,” said Alford.

The bass were catchable, too, as Alford and McClung went even more shallow than normal for their four bass. They had a total weight of 5.12 pounds, not exactly good enough to contend for the tournament championship.

But the spotted and largemouth bass were fun to catch for McClung and Alford. Those two anglers were just one of 27 teams in the tournament. Fifty four fishermen found something constructive to do on this weekend.

Even on a hot day on the lake some bass were biting. Eighty one fish were weighed in by tournament director Mark Biagotti last Sunday afternoon at Highland Marina Resort.

“A lot of the fish were caught in shallow water. The bass are moving back into cover. The people who figured out the pattern are the ones who caught fish,” said Biagotti.

Tim McGill of LaGrange brought some bass to the weigh in just like he always does. Reid Hurston and Earmy Miller had a somewhat good haul, too, with 15 bass and one 3-pound catfish. The latter wasn’t weighed in, but five bass were taken to the tournament headquarters by Hurston for further inspection.

All of the fish caught by Miller and Hurston were released.

“We were fishing with worms and jigs. We fished in 25 spots, and we had one (sizeable fish) jump off,” said Hurston.

He and Miller weighed in 6.13 pounds of bass. And the water was boiling around 80 degrees out on the lake. The next tournament for the Highland Team Trail will be the end of the season “Classic.”

That is on the fishing calendar for Saturday, Sept. 9 on West Point Lake. There will be 15 boats in that tournament.


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