Shopping Season: This Year’s Top 5 Hottest Toys

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and also the most expensive. Parents flock to department stores and online retailers to secure their little ones the newest and best toys. But what’s on every kiddo’s wish list this year? These are this years top five bestsellers that will make everyone want to write a thank-you letter to Santa.

First is MGA Entertainment’s L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise. This large plastic ball opens up to many smaller L.O.L. Surprise! balls to open. Inside are little dolls, clothes, and accessories in bright, glittery colors. On average it takes about 20 minutes to open all the easy open orbs. Kids are guaranteed hours of playtime with their new dolls and can experiment with their color changing and crying or spitting features. The price tag on this season’s hot item is a whopping $69.88 at Walmart, and that’s if you can find it. These toys have sold out as quickly as Hatchimals did last year. You may be lucky enough to find one on eBay, but you’ll be paying about 3 times the retail value.

The second toy up this year is a familiar one. Last year’s must-have, Hatchimals, makes an appearance this year as well. Hatchimals are large eggs that when cared for and looked after properly will hatch into adorable little animals. Hatchimals added two new sought after toys this year after last year’s success: a large Hatchimal egg that hatches twin animals called Hatchimals Surprise and Hatchimals Colleggtibles, small eggs with one of seventy different plastic collectible figures inside. The Hatchimals Surprise will set you back $64.82 and the Colleggtibles start at $5.97. These items are still in stock with no sign of selling out before Christmas this year.

Third on our list is everyone’s new favorite console: the Nintendo Switch. With portability, multiplayer capabilities, innovative design and controllers, and two of this year’s most highly rated games, the Nintendo Switch is easily the best console release of the year. The Switch is also the most kid-friendly console on the market with Nintendo boasting more E for Everyone ratings than most. Recommended with the Switch are some of this year’s most anticipated and talked about games, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the newest in the Mario franchise: Super Mario Odyssey. The Nintendo Switch sold out earlier this year after its March release, but has been restocked for the holidays. At $299.99 for the console and $59.99 for each game, the Switch has a hefty pricetag, but it’s a gift the whole family can enjoy together.

Our fourth gift this year has been heavily advertised on TV and online lately: The Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn Interactive Toy by Spin Master. This little purple unicorn robot will steal kids’ hearts by dancing, doing tricks, eating, and playing games. A perfect introduction to taking care of a pet, The Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn is a Toys R Us Exclusive and costs $89.99.

Our fifth and final toy on the must have list this year is the Luvabella Responsive Baby Doll. This smart little doll takes the dolls that cry and eat of yesteryear to the next level. The Luvabella dolls eat, laugh, play peek-aboo, and have many different facial expressions. The Luvabella dolls also have an amazing feature: they learn. The dolls start out babbling and the more your little ones talk to them, the more words Luvabella will learn. The dolls know 100 words and phrases! The Luvabella Responsive Baby Doll was a Toy of the Year finalist. Her popularity shows as the Blonde Hair Luvabella is already sold out. The three other variations of the doll are Brown Hair, Dark Brown Hair, and the Luvabeau Blonde Boy.

There are many gift options for your little ones this year, and any of these are sure to please. Gifts are a fun part of the holiday season, but with Christmas spending on gifts projected at an all time high of $989 per family this year it’s important to remember that the best gift any year is getting to spend time with family and loved ones.


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