Juvenile Charged for Gun Incident

LaGrange Police have charged an undisclosed juvenile with obstruction after he reportedly waved around what was later determined to be toy gun and then ran from officers.

Tuesday evening about 6:27 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to the area of Horace King Street in reference to a male waving a gun around.

Police arrived and spotted a young male matching the description provided to 911. Officers saw him attempting to stuff something in his pocket at the intersection of East Bacon Street and Horace King Street. As officers approached the subject, he immediately pulled out a brown and silver handgun from his pants and began to flee along East Bacon Street.

Officers then gave chase, but lost the subject as he ran behind a house in the neighborhood.

Police then set up a perimeter around the area and began searching for the suspect. The subject was then located near Holley Street and East Bacon Street and detained in handcuffs and searched to arrest.

The fleeing suspect was then confirmed to be a 13year-old juvenile, who stated he ran from police because he was scared. The child told police that the firearm was actually a BB gun and that he had hid it while he ran.

The juvenile then took officers to the location where he hid the BB gun, and it was taken into evidence.

The juvenile, age 13, was arrested and transported to the LaGrange Police Department, where a juvenile intake officer advised to release him to a guardian. Police then drove the child home and turned him over to his mother with a citation for Obstruction of Officers.

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