Troup Hosts First Cross Country Meet Against Lafayette Christian, Heard County

The Troup High Tigers officially kicked off their home cross country schedule with a meet against Lafayette Christian and Heard County. The team’s season began on August 22 in Douglas County.

The meet took place at Troup High School Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 PM. The route was modified to accommodate construction on the school’s new athletic facility.

Thirty students across three teams came out for the event.

The girls ran first, braving temperatures that creeped into the upper nineties.

Charley Harry of Troup placed first, with an impressive 26:58. Natalie Figiel of Troup rounded out the top three in third place.

For the guys, who lounged in the shade in preparation for their run, the afternoon was just as scorching.

Jacob Rocker added some heat of his own, as he blistered his way to a strong 21:05 finish for Lafayette Christian School.

Troup’s Christian Gay came in second with a minute later at 22:05.

For many of the runners, these early season meets are an opportunity for them to get back into shape after a lazy summer season. As the year progresses, each runner will likely improve on his or her time. Lafayette Christian School will soon be hosting a meet of their own. At the time of this article, it is scheduled for September 13.

A full list of results can be found below: Girls: Charley Harry – Troup – 26:58 Annie Bradley –Heard – 26:58 Natalie Figiel—Troup— 29:36 Grace Kelly—LCS— 29:50 Katherine Loverette— Troup—31:00 Isabel Rocker—LCS— 32:16 Amanda McCourtney— Troup—32:41 Lily Skipworth—LCS— 33:58 Avery Barnes—Heard— 34:34 KimberlyLoutzenheiser— Heard—34:56 Bailey Adams—Troup— 39:32 Anna Barintine—Troup— 42:59

Boys: Jacob Rocker—LCS— 21:05 Christian Gay— Troup—22:05 Gage Cannon— Heard—22:37 Isaiah Tusing—LCS— 22:54 Bailey Scarborough— Heard—23:24 Lawson Lynd—Troup— 23:33 Cade Parnell—Troup— 24:09 Zack Taylor—Troup— 24:38 Garett Callahaw— Heard—24:42 Ethan Lawson—Heard— 24:52 Wesley Barlett—Troup— 26:59 Joseph Harrington— Troup—28:32 Andrew King— Heard—28:36 Evan Garrison—Troup— 30:16 Luke Bennett—Heard— 37:24 GriffinMcLeroy—LCS— 37:30 Isaac Parnell—LCS— 38:16 Congratulations to all runners for their efforts and achievements.

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