Surveying to Improve Housing

Melanie Turner

The Troup County Center for Strategic Planning, the planning departments of Troup County, La-Grange, Hogansville, and West Point are inviting the community to participate in a survey to help them determine future housing needs.

You can’t help or affect change if you don’t voice your opinion. Some of the questions are to give them collective ideas from different age groups, owners or renters, household occupants and things of that nature.

You are also able to give your opinions on the housing situation to the degree of what you like and don’t like. If you want better housing, go online, fill out the survey, and voice your opinion.

To make a community better it takes the people who live in the community to use their voices, skills, knowledge and desire to start the ball rolling toward a better community. A voice that is silent never gets heard.

This survey is a way for the community to let officials know what they community needs, and how the citizens would like to see it change as far as housing goes.

This comprehensive housing study will allow them to examine current housing supply, and future housing needs. Go to https:// www. surveymonkey. com/ r/ TroupHousing and give them your input. They survey allows you to give honest answers and remain anonymous.


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