Boyd Facing Obstacles

Boyd Facing Obstacles

Melanie Turner Editor

Retired Judge Donald Boyd has been facing obstacles. Last Week Boyd started having trouble breathing among other medical issues, and ended up in the hospital inICU. Heneededa heart cath, and the doctors were talking about stents.

Next up was they said he needed gall bladder surgery. Boyd was battling something big for sure. His bladder was very infected, one of the worst ones doctors had seen in years. He had to be on the ventilator because of his heart, lungs and his breathing. There for a while he was critical and unstable. His heart was having a hard time dealing with everything that was going on.

But GOD! Boyd’s heart got back into regular rhythm, and his blood pressure got better. He finally came off of the ventilator and was doing much better. Also, his COVID test came back negative!!!!

During all of this his wife Gayla was waiting. She wasn’t allowed to see him during all of this because of the security in place because of the virus, so to say she was concerned is putting it mildly. There was nothing for her to do but to wait and to trust GOD.

On Friday she finally got to talk to him on the room phone. One thing he asked was for everyone to keep praying for him.

For those who know Judge Boyd, in true judge fashion he said, “This ole man ain’t dead yet!” And for those of us who know and love him, we thank GOD for taking care of our sweet judge.

So in these trying times be it regular medical issues, or this virus, just look up and you will see that GOD is still in control and that nothing is too big for him to handle. I am reminded of a song that we use to sing, On the other side you will find abundance On the other side blessings over flow Just follow my instructions and you won’t regret a thing Wait until you see what’s on the other side.

There is a brighter day coming, but until that day comes live each and every day with a calm security, not fear. Fear cripples people and makes things seem worse. Love one another, help one another, and be the community that cares.

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Retired Probate Judge Donald Boyd