Hard Times

Hard Times

Melanie Turner Editor

Are these hard times? Well, yes they are. There are many thoughts floating around out there wondering is this virus a hoax, is it political, is it serious? No one is exactly sure what it all is, but we do know that it is serious and that we need to take cautions, but that doesn’t mean we panic and live in fear.

This country has battled major events before and has come thru. God doesn’t give a spirit of fear, but of sound mind. That means that we act more carefully, but we do it in a way that we still live our lives. Panic buying helps no one. It may seem to help at first, but then when others have no access to the things they need to survive, then you have another catastrophe on your hands.

Wash your hands regularly, keep a distance from others, but live your lives. The CDC and local governments have issued guidelines to help keep you safe, follow them. Our local government is in touch with other medical and governmental agencies trying to stay up to date on what is going on and how best to protect ourselves.

City Council Member LeGreeMcCamey advised that we use wisdom and good common sense and to be safe. Mayor Pro-tem Nathan Gaskin said that he felt that this was going to be a marathon ordeal for everyone and for us to keep love in our hearts.

Council Member Jim Arrington said, “Let’s don’t forget about our neighbors in this time. Let’s be a community that reaches out to one another.”

Dr. Tom Gore spoke to the city council via phone during a special called meeting, and one thing that stood out was that he told the council that they Hard Times

were taking things day by day, and that there was one physician that works at WellStar that volunteered to see all patients with viral infection. Thank you to that physician.

As the Mayor has said, “We are in unprecedented times.”

As of Friday, the word was that there were four cases of COVID-19 in Troup County. There will be more cases as we go, but there is always hope.

Love thy neighbor as thy self, consider them as you go thru your day, and in doing this, let it encourage you to follow the guidelines that have been given by officials so that our community can be as safe as it can.

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