Welcome to the New Normal: Fear, Uncertainty, Long Lines, No Games

Welcome to the New Normal: Fear, Uncertainty, Long Lines, No Games

Chris Fernsler Sports Editor

Daily life in the United States – LaGrange included – has changed for the worse. That we know and understand.

America isn’t stupid.

The coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. has changed the daily outlook and routine for everyone, from Troup County, to New York City, to the Pacific coast of California.

As of Friday morning, the spreading virus had infected 14,373 citizens of the United States. There have been 218 coronavirus deaths confirmed in the U.S. over the past two months, but the numbers keeping rising by the hour. The virus will likely get worse in the United States. More people certainly are going to test positive for the virus in the U.S. There are going to be more American deaths due to coronavirus.

That is a medical fact. The virus isn’t going away – for now. On the streets of America – Hogansville, West Point and LaGrange included – there is fear, uncertainty and concern with millions of people.

Life as we know it has changed – at least temporarily. Our normal routine has been altered. There are long lines at the grocery store. Restaurants are closing for the time being.

The person next to you at the convenience store might have coronavirus. We don’t know for sure. There is a shortage of test kits for the coronavirus in America.

Unless you are a professional athlete, a movie star or a United States senator, you probably haven’t had the opportunity to be tested for the virus.

These are confusing times in LaGrange and around the country. People are still walking their dogs at Granger Park. But public schools are closed. Private schools have been shut down, thanks to the coronavirus scare.

School activities and games have been scrapped. There might not be any more school this spring (April 1 at the earliest) – in high school, middle school or college. Don’t count on any games of any kind until the summer months at the earliest.

Steep measures have been taken with careful thought. And it does sting. It is a setback for the ordinary Joe and Joline in Troup County and around the United States.

America has been paralyzed because of the virus and its typical symptoms – fever, coughing and shortness of breath. People are dying, and games have been called off.

There are no sporting events to attend in La-Grange and in the U.S., currently. The Masters Golf Tournament has been postponed. Pro basketball games have been suspended. NBA players are being infected by the virus on a daily basis.

Coronavirus can attack anyone – including Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets, Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics and Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz. Some minor league baseball players in the U.S. have the virus.

New Orleans Saints head football coach Sean Payton has been infected by the virus. That was verified on Thursday.

Some citizens of La-Grange and the surrounding area have tested positive for coronavirus. People in the U.S. are living one day at time. The citizens of this country are existing, one roll of toilet paper at a time.

Paper products are in short supply at the stores. And there is not too much else to take our minds off of the virus epidemic – like entertainment. March Madness has been canceled. There will not be a men’s or a women’s NCAA basketball champion this year. The College Baseball World Series has also been called off in Omaha. The women’s college softball World Series has been canceled as well in Oklahoma City. The Major League baseball season is also on life support.

The Atlanta Braves might not play any games this season. An abbreviated big league schedule has been talked about, however. The NFL and college football seasons are in doubt for 2020.

Colleges have closed their doors and have canceled all of the spring football games. College campuses are like ghost towns. There are no students. There are no professors.

And there are no Auburn shirts being sold at the student union. The daily priorities are absolutely different around America and in Troup County.

The everyday citizen has to roll with the punches and the early closing times at the grocery stores. Welcome to the new normal. America and LaGrange can get through it.

We have no choice. Our mental toughness is being tested.

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Normalcy like high school tennis with Ella Eiland and Jina Shin of the Lady Grangers will return in the future. But for now, high school sporting events are postponed in LaGrange because of the coronavirus crisis.