Husband and Wife Have Won Almost $400,000 on Bass Tourney Trail

There is something substantial at the end of the rainbow.

Roger and Jo Ann White have found their pot of gold. In the past 16 years the husband and wife fishing duo have won almost $400,000 on the bass tournament trail, from Georgia to Alabama.

They have won tournaments with mustard on the hooks on Lake Sinclair, Lake Oconee, Lake Jackson and Lake Harding. Roger and Ann White have also won multiple tournaments on West Point Lake.

“We enjoy it. Fishing is never the same. We have a lot of luck. We’ve been fishing a long time, and we know where to find them,” said Roger White, the profitable fisherman from Newnan.

He and his fishing wife were back on the lake on Thursday afternoon. They were practicing. They were fishing, and they were riding the waves on West Point Lake.

They were also casting and trying out some new fishing holes not too far from Highland Pines Resort and Marina in LaGrange.

“The water is warm and clear. You just have to find them and pick the right lure,” said Roger White.

He and his tournament-winning wife usually fish three to six feet deep. They never live bait it. They are always fishing for bass with artificial lures.

“We can wear them out on topwater (lures). We also throw jigs and spinnerbait. We come to win,” said Jo Ann White.

She and her husband won another bass tournament title on Saturday, May 9. Roger and Jo Anne White won $600 with 13.58 pounds of fish in an American Bass Association Couples Tournament.

They also caught a 4.8-pound largemouth.

“This takes experience and natural skill,” said Roger White.

It also takes a female team member who knows what she is doing on tournament day. Jo Ann White is such a fishing person. She caught three bass herself, including a 3.36-pound largemouth, in her last tournament.

“Fish are finicky. They are like people. You have to figure out what they want. You either have to fish fast or slow,” said Jo Ann White.

No matter what, this husband and wife keep the arguing to a minimum and the bass to a maximum. They have placed in the top three more than 100 times in fishing tournaments on the bass trail.

“Our basement wall is full of trophies and plaques,” said Roger White.

He and his wife know how to catch bass when it counts. And when the tournament lights are on is when it matters the most.