On a Bass Fishing Tear with 20 Catches

It was just another casual Sunday on West Point Lake.

It was cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon. The fish were jumping, and Vicki Hughes was catching. The lady from Snellville yanked in 20 stripers, white bass and hybrids.

Hughes caught her fish between 20 and 40 feet. She caught bass all day with live shad. Hughes and the West Point Lake bass were on a first name basis.

It can happen.

“The fish were pulling hard. I was fishing deep, and the bass were fighting,” said Hughes.

Everything was falling into place.

“Our fishing guide (Robbie Pursley) took us to the right places,” said Hughes.

She wasn’t the only one on the boat who was catching gobs of bass. Phillip Shailer of Tucker was also catching some three-pound hybrid bass, some four-pound stripers and some 1.5-pound white bass.

Shailer is a repeat customer of Pursley.

“He knows the tendencies of the fish. Robbie knows where they are. The bass are coming out hungry,” said Shailer.

That isn’t all he likes about a fishing excursion with Pursley on West Point Lake.

“You don’t have to bring your own fishing pole or tackle box. Robbie has it all,” said Shailer.

And the bass always find Pursely’s boat. It is definitely a pattern.

“The fish keep biting. The bass are there. The stripers are hard fighting and so are the hybrids,” said Shailer.

And on Sunday the fishing entourage on Pursley’s bass boat caught a stupid number of fish. The bass fishing foursome of Vicki, and Danny Hughes, and Phillip and Maria Shailer caught 119 bass.

“It was one of those magical days. The fishing was about as good as it has ever been (on West Point Lake),” said Pursley, the fishing guide from Newnan.

The lake was mighty good to father and son Brian and Cage Fox of Hamilton as well. They caught seven largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish and catfish. The best catch of the day belonged to 10-year-old Cage Fox.

He was fishing with a gold minnow lure in eight to 10 feet of water. Cage Fox hooked and boated a four-pound catfish. He also had a five-fish day, just by himself.

“I fish a lot, and I catch a lot. I get excited,” said the youth angler.

Cage Fox outsmarts the fish most of the time.

“They pull hard. I just grab the string so the fish don’t break the rod,” said Fox.