Gill Drops a Line and Answers with 50 Crappie, Spotted Bass

No matter which way the wind is blowing, Greg Gill always finds his way to West Point Lake.

Gill is a regular. He is a fisherman, and he is sold on this lake.

The man lives to fish, and he loves to catch crappie and spotted bass. As a matter of fact, it usually works out that way.

“I catch fish here every time, and I come here seven days a week. I can come here and catch a fish within 30 minutes,” said Gill.

He isn’t bragging. He is stating a West Point Lake fact. Just the other day, on Monday, Gill tipped his fishing rod and pulled in 50 spotted bass, crappie, largemouth bass and catfish.

The crappies were as fat as 1.5 pounds. Gill’s spotted bass jumped on the scale at 3.5 pounds. And the catfish purred. They weighed as much as three pounds.

Gill is just a catcher of fish, and he has made an art out of it.

“I hit my (favorite fishing) spots. You have to know how to fish. You have to know the science, and I do keep a journal,” said Gill, the fisherman from Thomaston.

Now he does prefer live bait, usually shad. Gill also fishes from six to 12 feet deep on West Point Lake.

“This is indescribable,” said Gill.

But he will describe it.

“I use my head, and I love the water. I catch some big ones, and if the weather is bad, I change my strategy,” said Gill.

A few other fishermen also made themselves at home on the lake on Tuesday afternoon. Roland Weaver of Americus and Ken Hudson of Preston, Ga. were casting and catching.

They caught a couple of three-pound striped bass with live bait. Weaver and Hudson snared their fish from the deep end of the lake. The anglers were in 20 feet of water.

“We always fish for stripers. We like the pull and the fight. You have to wear them down,” said Weaver.

Hudson was right there with Weaver. Hudson was reeling and was trying to scrape up some more spit from the dry side of West Point Lake.

“Striper fishing is awesome. They will bend your pole. The stripers are aggressive, and they hit hard. I just like fishing,” said Hudson.

Mario Fernandez of Newnan had a line in the calm water on the lake, too. He had a little action and one catch, a spotted bass.

“This is my second time here. I’m just trying, and you have to be patient. This is a big lake,” said Fernandez.

He was fishing at 10 feet with a lure.

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