The Power of Election Season

To say this election season has been a first is putting it mildly. We’ve had to deal with what some call a pandemic, we have important elections here in Troup County, and we have elections on the national scale coming as well. When you put all of this together, is has been stressful to say the least.

From comments that we have been given, and ones that we have seen, it hasn’t necessarily brought out the best in people. There have been a lot of accusations, a lot of rumors, and a lot of mudslinging.

Voting is important, but how people handle the overall election is important too. It is ok to support a candidate, and it is ok to voice your opinions as well, but when a lot of arguing and mudslinging goes hand in hand with this it never ends well.

As a community we have been dealing with a lot because of the virus, and now we are looking at an election, and it has taken peoples stress and anxiety to another level.

The sad part is that the students and the teachers are the ones caught in the middle and the ones that are most affected by the end results of the election of the School Board.

Parents are confused about a lot of the things that are going on and being said, and what they are really concerned about is not really the election, but that their kids get a good education. Most of the parents love the teachers that have taught their children, and don’t understand why there is a big fight going on.

Voters are seeing a lot of mean and derogatory comments on facebook about people that they know and they are confused as to why someone would post mean things about other people.

The focus of electing School Board officials should be about the children not about name calling and discrediting others.

The children have done very well this year, they’ve worked hard in their school work, they’ve faced a virus that the adults have had trouble dealing with, and had to face a shortened school year that robbed them of the things that normal kids get to receive for finishing out the year.

Some are going to college, some are going to technical school, and some have jobs lined up. Instead of all of this bantering back and forth, let’s look at what these kids have accomplished, look forward to what will be accomplished in the future, and as we are voting for this election, let’s look at the facts, gather as much information as we can, and vote responsibly without trying to destroy the names of others.

We want our children to act responsibly and with good behavior, let’s remember that it isn’t the school’s job to teach them that, it is our job to teach them that. They learn from us and if we show them hate, arguing and mudslinging, that is what they will do in their lives.

They look to the adults in their lives to give them guidance so let’s be the kind of adults that they can trust and look up to.

It us up to you who you vote for, that is your choice, but how you handle this election will affect more than just the election, it will affect the children that you are trying to get the best candidate for.

The author of this article can be reached at jboggs@ troupcountynews. net.