Tennis is What They Do: Acosta and Kumar are Tireless Competitors

They are two of a kind. They don’t deny it for a second.

Brayan Acosta and Ankit Kumar are tennis players, morning, noon and night. They never tire of the game. They never outgrow the game, and they play no less than three times a week.

Tennis is a part of their personality. When they go to bed at night, Acosta and Kumar have tennis balls bouncing in their heads.

Of course, Kumar and Acosta were tennis teammates at LaGrange High School for coach Kenny Moore, the prep legend with more than 500 wins for the Grangers.

And thanks to Moore, both players still have some tennis fire in their bellies. Kumar, the La-Grange High senior, and Acosta, the former singles and doubles player for LHS, were serving and volleying once again with some tennis perseverance on Sunday afternoon at the McCluskey Tennis Complex.

“We’re competing. We’re playing defensively. We are hitting our forehands and using our backhands,” said Kumar, who has played varsity tennis for two years for the Grangers.

He and Acosta were also perspiring profusely. They were also keeping on their toes and whipping their rackets around with some sort of purpose.

“We are focusing and competing. We are hitting our inside out shots. We are placing the ball down the line. We are pushing each other,” said Acosta, the Kennesaw State sophomore.

He and Kumar were also fixated on winning. Acosta won almost 20 matches in two seasons at LaGrange High. And he still has “it.”

According to Acosta, “I have a mindset. I have a competitive drive. Both of us trash talk, but it’s in fun,” said Acosta.

He does that well, and he brings his proficient shots along for the ride.

“I push the ball deep, and I try to grind my opponent down,” said Acosta. “You have to read your opponent. Everybody needs a game plan. Tennis players need mental strength, too.”

Ankit Kumar has an abundance of that.

“I try to make hard contact. And I want to get better,” said Kumar.

That is what Sunday afternoon was all about at the McCluskey Tennis Complex in LaGrange. Kumar and Acosta were raising their tennis games, and they were hitting some zany shots from the net and the back line.

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