Strickland Requests Recount in Hogansville

Hogansville Mayor Pro-Tem Theresa Strickland has officially requested a recount on the election for Hogansville City Council Post #5.

The request was originally made to Troup County Election Supervisor Andrew Harper, who advised that the request would need to be handled by the City of Hogansville Election Superintendent.

Hogansville City Clerk Lisa Kelly serves as Hogansville Election Superintendent. Kelly responded to the request advising Strickland that under Georgia Law, a request for a recanvassing of votes is allowed if the deciding number of votes in the race total one half of one percent or less of the total number of votes cast. A recanvass is different from a recount in that is essentially just a review of the vote totals in each precinct. With electronic voting, there is no individual tallying of votes cast.

Strickland lost by a mere 20 votes, but with only 506 total votes cast, that amounted to a 4 percent margin. Challenger Toni Striblin received 263 votes compared to Strickland’s 243. Kelly noted that otherwise, a recanvassing is only authorized under the law if the election superintendent determines that it ‘appears that there is a discrepancy in the returns recorded for any voting machine or machines or that an error, although not apparent on the face of the returns, exists.’

“As I have been made aware of no such discrepancy or errors, no recanvass is allowed,” said Kelly.

Strickland did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the issue.

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Tommy Murphy Staff Writer