Newcomers and Beyond are Starting the Year off With Style

On January 3, the Newcomers and Beyond met at the First Presbyterian Church with smiles and a purpose. These sweet ladies gathered together to eat and fellowship before installing their officers for 2019.

It was a black and white themed dinner catered by JWT Catering. The tables were decorated and a wonderful meal was laid out before them. They were eating fancy and in style for sure. Salmon, chicken, rice, steamed vegetables, salad, rolls and dessert all graced the center table. The food looked simply divine.

The talk was light and enjoyable. There is no doubt that these ladies really enjoy one another’s company. It was like sitting amidst old friends and talking over the things that had gone on during the week in each of their lives.

After the scrumptious meal and lovely conversation it was on to business. These ladies are very serious about their community service. They really have a heart for trying to help people and to help make their community a better place.

It was time to install their officers for 2019 and get busy. Their President Traci Amiri announced their nominees, and on they went to the eventual officers giving their oaths to serve the club members, and the members giving their oaths to help the officers serve their office. These ladies support one another; help one another, so they are able to help their community in the best way possible.

The 2019 officers are: President: Tracie Amiri 1st Vice President: Clare Conine 2nd Vice President: Pat Valykeo Secretary: Becky Hausmann Treasurer: Judy Lawrence Newsletter: Julie Campbell Social: Diana Phillips and Roxanne Pittman Luncheons: Mary Virginia Henderson Special Projects: Mary Gilbert and Debbie Court Book Club: Mary Carroll Bridge: Barbara Bergeson Coffee: Ruth Rocap Singles: Mary Gilbert Special Events: Alison Wallace Media: Traci Amiri Sunshine: Cheryl Weldon Archives: Becky Hausmann Congratulations to the officers and the members of Newcomers and Beyond.

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Fine dining for the ladies

Salad and steamed veggies

The 2019 officers that were sworn in

Black and white decorated tables

Getting ready to eat a scrumptious meal