*TRAFFIC ALERT* Alternate Route Suggested During Peak Traffic on Country Club Road

The City of LaGrange is encouraging motorists who travel the Country Club Road corridor to consider an alternate route during peak traffic hours near Hollis Hand Elementary School.

City crews are repaving Country Club Road while simultaneously constructing The Thread from the roundabout to Pine Tree Drive.

Motorists are encouraged to be aware of traffic delays between 2:00-2:45 p.m. weekdays when school lets out at Hollis Hand Elementary School and to take advantage of an alternate route from Country Club Road, Cameron Mill Road, Whitaker Road, Roanoke Road, and Vernon Road. While this alternate route may not be the most direct route both to and from your destination it can certainly be the timeliest.

Motorists are also reminded that passing stopped vehicles is illegal and extremely dangerous, especially in school zones and in construction zones, because of oncoming traffic that is often present in the opposing lane.

This section of The Thread is expected to be completed by Fall 2019.



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