Shelter Asking for Donations to Help Victim of Animal Cruelty

The LaGrange Troup County Humane Society is currently asking for donations to help fund medicine for a pup that was recently found to be the victim of Animal Cruelty.

The dog, Sam, was found with a carabineer pierced through his right leg on Wednesday during an Animal Cruelty investigation.

The injured pup was discovered by Animal Control officers on Wednesday and taken to the Troup County Mobile Vet, who removed the carabineer from his leg, but the dog still has a ways to recover and needs months of medicine.

LaGrange Animal Services has purchased the first 20 days of necessary antibiotics, which cost of about $100, but Sam is expected to be on the antibiotics around four to six months, so they are seeking donations to help his recovery.

Sam was discovered Wednesday morning after Animal Control Officers received information that a blue pitbull dog was at a residence on Auburn Avenue that was hurt and not being cared for properly.

Police found Sam lying in the yard not and barely moving. He was then was found to have the carabineer clamp stuck through his leg and into his foot.

Police say the metal was lodged in the dog’s leg so deep that it did not move when he moved. There was no fresh blood around the wound, leading police to believe the item had been lodge in his foot for an extended period. The dog was also unable to put any pressure on his foot to walk.

Animal Control also found two female pitbull dogs on the property, one of which was illegally tethered to a porch. The other dog was free to roam, but she appeared to be pregnant and had severe untreated inflammation. The tethered female appeared to be malnourished and the outline of her ribs were visible under her skin. Neither dog reportedly had access to food or water.

Officers also found several puppies in a box on the porch.

Police were unable to make contact at the door of the residence. Troup 911 was able to speak to a male on the phone, who stated he was inside the residence and would open the door, but he never did so while police were on scene.

This incident is still under investigation by La-Grange Animal Control Officers.

If you anyone is interested in donating to help the injured pup’s recovery, please go to www.lagrangehumane. org/help/do nations and let them know that you are donating to help Sam.

The author of this article can be reached via email at info@troupcoutnynews. net.

The carabineer was lodged all the way through the dog’s leg.

The shelter is asking for donations to help pay for medicine for the injured pitbull, Sam.


Tommy Murphy Staff Writer

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