Anthony, Tonya Fairbanks Take the Ultimate Pleasure Cruise from Kayaks

West Point Lake is good for more than picnics, water skiing, and fishing.

As it turns out, kayaking is another growing phenomenon on the lake. It is getting popular. Kayaking is the ultimate pleasure cruise on West Point Lake, no matter the season.

Husband-and-wife Anthony and Tonya Fairbanks from Franklin are two new kayaking converts. They are sold on this water sport. They are all in. They are basking in their new hobby from the seat of their pants down in the cockpits of their two 8foot kayaks.

“It is peaceful and stress-free (out here). We love the water, and this is a way to unplug,” said Anthony Fairbanks.

He and his wife were back on West Point Lake on Thursday afternoon. The two kayakers were paddling. They were intermingling with nature. They were coasting and taking in the scenery.

“This is freedom. You can take a nap out here. You can go anywhere on the water (with a kayak). We’ve seen lots of turtles, hawks and cranes. West Point Lake has some beautiful nature,” said Tonya Fairbanks.

Her kayak weighs just 40 pounds. It is light and flexible. She brings her kayak to the lake in the back of her husband’s pickup truck. This husband- and-wife can put their kayaks in the water in a matter of seconds at the Pyne Road Park Boat Ramp.

A paddling adventure awaits them after that. They paddle as far as two miles and sometimes more on West Point Lake. They don’t pay attention to the time.

“We’ve seen deer and beavers. We try to come out here every weekend. This is our happy place. We never get tired of it,” said Anthony Fairbanks. “We go into creeks and coves (off the lake).”

When the mood strikes them, the husband-andwife also swim in the lake off of their kayaks. The free and easy kayakers also carry some basic equipment onboard their plastic boats.

“We have a (cell) phone, napkins and lifejackets,” said Tonya Fairbanks.

She and her husband also have a good time and a long cruise with their 87inch paddles. They also savor the peace and quiet on the lake. They daydream a lot. It is not against the law.

“There’s no TV (out there),” said Tonya Fairbanks.

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Anthony Fairbanks enjoys the outdoors and West Point Lake from his kayak on Thursday afternoon. Fairbanks was riding low and close to the water from his 8-foot kayak.

Tonya Fairbanks, of Franklin, does some sunbathing and kayaking at Pyne Road Park on Thursday. Kayaking is Fairbanks’ new recreational hobby.


Chris Fernsler Sports Writer

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