Donaldson is Heating Up with 32 Home Runs, 29 Doubles

The Atlanta Braves guessed right when they signed Josh Donaldson to a one-year contract for $23 million dollars.

Donaldson is starting to pay off with home runs, doubles and home plate high fives. In other words, Donaldson is heating up for the still first place Braves. The Atlanta third baseman is one of the reasons the Braves are keeping the second place Washington Nationals a step behind in the National League East.

With just one month left in the regular season, Donaldson is peaking. He is starting to play his best baseball of the season with the rest of the games meaning more and more.

Donaldson has raised his batting average to .265. And the native of Pensacola, Fla. is crushing the ball with 32 home runs, 29 doubles and 121 hits. Donaldson is also bringing his defensive skills to the forefront.

The Braves third sacker is bagging some hot shots just inside the bag. Donaldson is taking some hits away. He is driving runners in. He is playing like a 23 year old instead of a 33 year old.

The nine-year veteran of the big leagues is worth more than his Braves paycheck. And he is capable of playing even better. Donaldson’s home run swing could carry Atlanta for weeks.

Donaldson still has it. The best baseball of his career might not be behind him. And we’re talking about a Major Leaguer, who is a former American League Most Valuable Player, an ex-AL RBI leader (123 in 2015) and a two-time Silver Slugger Award winner (from 201516).

The current Braves third baseman is also a threetime all-star from 201416. Donaldson has had a cozy big league baseball career with 213 home runs, 626 RBI’s and a batting average of .274.

Donaldson has worn a few uniforms over the years – with the Oakland Athletics, Toronto Blue Jays and Cleveland Indians. Donaldson is glad to be an Atlanta Brave now.

He might win a ring later this year – a championship ring. The Braves hope so, as does their home run-hitting third baseman.

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Chris Fernsler Sports Writer