Highland, West Point Lake are Keepers, “This is an amazing fishing retreat.”

Three fishermen from Metro Atlanta hit the interstate and reeled in a fivestar weekend in LaGrange on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

They are not going to forget it, and Clifton Alexander, Adeoye Abodunris, and Steve Alexander will be back. Those three anglers hooked up a good time at Highland Pines Resort and Marina.

“This is an amazing fishing retreat. We caught good, and we ate good. We had a fish fry. We got away from the hustle and bustle. West Point Lake is my favorite,” said Clifton Alexander.

He and his fishing compadres caught 60 crappie, bream, stripers, catfish and spotted bass during a three-day span. The city boys enjoyed the country living on the lake and at Highland Pines.

“There’s a friendly environment here. The people respect nature,” said Alexander.

His brother, Steve Alexander, was craving the fishing, the eating and the shade when they were able to find it.

“The fishing was first class, and there was a lot of crappie. This is one of the best ever fishing lakes. There are so many different spots. It was relaxing. We found some shade, and we let the (live) minnows do the work,” said Alexander.

He and his two fishing colleagues were making catches in deep water from 13 to 20 feet. Their crappie weighed up to 1.5 pounds. The catfish purred all the way to the boat.

The catfish weighed around three pounds. The water temperature was as hot as the fishing at 87 degrees. Abodunris and the boys caught fish at all hours on West Point Lake.

“We tried different techniques and fished until 2 in the morning,” said Abodunris.

Josh Sauls of Enterprise, Ala. spent the night, too, and he watched some fish bend his pole. Sauls caught three largemouth bass and one striper on Saturday. He came back on Sunday morning and reeled in another 3-pound largemouth bass on West Point Lake.

“This is my first time here. The fishing is good, and the lake drops off deep real quick,” said Sauls.

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The crappie were biting for Steve, and Clifton Alexander and Adeoye Abodunris on Sunday afternoon on West Point Lake. The fishermen used live minnows as bait.

The American flag was blowing in the wind on Sunday afternoon at Highland Pines Resort and Marina. The breeze was a welcome relief from the heat and humidity.


Chris Fernsler Sports Writer