McClung, White Keep on Reeling, Fishing Tandem Wins Another Tourney

Two is always better than one in a fishing boat.

Four hands are always better than two. And when it comes to tournament fishing, it doesn’t get any better than Matt McClung and Devin White.

They are friends. They have great fishing minds, and they are hard to beat on game day. McClung and White, the LaGrange twosome, won again on West Point Lake on Sunday in the West Georgia Bass Club Tournament.

The winning total for White and McClung was 16.29 pounds. They weighed in five largemouth bass at Pyne Road Park. But they actually hooked up 20 bass for the day.

“We were fishing for the big bites. We were confident all day. We found some (good) spots upriver,” said McClung. “We were throwing moving baits.”

He and White also caught fish all morning long.

“We caught most of our fish in three hours. We kept our lines in the water. We were persistent. We stuck to our plan, and we fished hard,” said White. “We were throwing crankbait, and we took pride in what we were doing.”

What they did was win for the 30th time as a fishing team. White and Mc-Clung were fishing as shallow as two feet. Their biggest bass was a fivepounder.

“It’s more of a sport for us,” said McClung.

As for his bass boat compadre, White said, “This gives you butterflies in your stomach. This is thrilling.”

Naturally. White and McClung won $1,150 for their first place finish. The second place team of James Gregory and Chris Keel had a string full of bass, too.

Keel and Gregory caught 25 fish, five of which made it to the weighing scale. Gregory and Keel had a runner-up total of 13.77 pounds of fish.

“This was long, hard work, but I’ve been fishing since I could walk. I’ve been tournament fishing for 40 years,” said Gregory, the angler from LaFayette, Ala.

Gregory also caught the second largest fish in the tournament. He reeled in a 5.71-pound largemouth bass from 10 feet of water.

“He jumped. I got excited, and I kept my cool,” said Gregory.

He and Keel won $555 for second place. Chris Gravett of Villa Rica took third place with his fishing partner. They caught 20 spots and largemouth bass while weighing in five.

The third place total was 13.27 pounds of bass. The Gravett team picked up a cash prize of $360.

“We fished around stumps and trees. You have to know the lake. It was cold out there,” said Gravett.

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Matt McClung and Devin White of LaGrange won the West Georgia Bass Club Tournament on Sunday on West Point Lake. The winning team had 16.29 pounds of bass.

Chris Gravett of Villa Rica had no shortage of catches on Sunday in the West Georgia Bass Club Tournament on West Point Lake. Gravett finished third in the one-day tournament.


Chris Fernsler Sports Writer