Nation, Nunley Cruise at No. 1 Doubles, Callaway Boys Crunch the Tigers

Chris Fernsler
Sports Editor

From the back line, to the net, they were in total control.

It’s a tennis thing for the Cavaliers. Winning is included, as is playing with fundamentals, along with the occasional rally and the banging of tennis rackets.

Callaway High boys senior standouts Jared Nation and Jayvon Nunley played a complete game on the doubles court on Thursday afternoon. They served and dished out some punishment in an 8-0 smackdown against the Temple duo of Andrew Shirley and Kasen Hay in the boys No. 1 doubles match in Region 5-AA tennis in Hogansville.

The Cavalier doubles team had few hang-ups, but they had lots of hardhit tennis balls on the Callaway High senior day. Nunley and Nation put on a powerful display of tennis.

“We were swinging the rackets, and we felt in control. We were using a hard slice,” said Nation. “We were having fun, and we were communicating.”

The Callaway High No. 1 doubles team was also scattering the ball around the court in the pro set match.

“We were working different techniques,” said Nunley.

The Cavaliers were doing some of the same things on the No. 2 doubles court as well. The Callaway High team of Anderius Lonakapu and Charlie Lin also won their match with an 8-5 decision against the Tigers doubles squad of Michael Walker and Dylan Wilson.

Callaway High was serving, volleying and leading most of the afternoon. The Cavalier boys hung a 5-0 defeat on Temple in the region match. The CHS boys improved to 6-2 overall and 4-1 in the region.

“We executed like we needed to. We had fresh legs, and we came out with good energy. The boys are listening, and it is paying off,” said Cavaliers head tennis coach Jacob Brannen.

Junior Matthew Martin, the Callaway High No. 3 singles player, was rolling with the punches, the serves and the forehand shots. Martin notched an 8-2 win over Temple sophomore Parker Wynn.

Martin was giving and taking. He was also smiling like a Cavalier, who won a tennis match. And Martin did. He carved up his opponent from Temple.

“I was moving to my left and then my right. I tired him out. I was serving a lot better, and I had the momentum,” said Martin.

The Cavaliers demanded some attention and the ball at No. 1 singles, too. Senior Austin Ozley of CHS won that boys match, 8-2, over Temple senior Jake Whispell.

“I was hitting the ball to the right side. I was hitting it to his backhand. My strokes were more consistent,” said Ozley.

Callaway High also played some worthy tennis at No. 2 singles with Sir Michael Johnson. He did nothing wrong in his 8-0 shutout against Tigers junior Chris Moore.

Johnson set the tempo, and he hit some unreturnable shots.

“We are doing nothing, but getting better. We are going for every ball. We made it to the Elite 8 last year, and we have returned all but one (of our players),” said coach Jacob Brannen of the Cavaliers.

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Callaway High doubles player Jayvon Nunley was on time and was ready to swing in a Region 5-AA boys tennis match against the Temple Tigers on Thursday afternoon in Hogansville.

Cavalier senior Austin Ozley was rolling in No. 1 boys singles in region tennis play against Temple High School on Thursday at the Callaway High Tennis Complex. Ozley beat Jake Whispell, 8-2.