Wilson’s Fishing Party Catches 40 Stripers, Hybrids, Five-Pounders Included

Chris Fernsler
Sports Editor

Matt Wilson knows the territory.

He breathes, eats and sleeps fishing. He has to.

Wilson is a fishing guide, the kind that catches bass on every trip. Wilson can read a fish like a dictionary, from A to Z.

The man has been a fishing guide for 16 years, primarily on West Point Lake. Wilson has studied the tendencies, the fish and the charts. And he still acts like a kid when his customers catch fish.

“It’s fun. There’s a lot of fish in here. The bite is good up the river,” said Wilson, the guide from Douglasville.

Wilson took out a fishing party of four anglers, and they had a full meal as they caught 40 stripers and hybrid bass on Saturday on West Point Lake. The anglers were fishing with live bait in 10 feet of water.

And they pulled in some four and five-pound fish. One day later, Wilson took out his family, his son and two grandchildren included. Austin, Reagan and Weston Wilson reeled in 10 hybrids and stripers, using live shad as bait on Sunday.

The stripers and hybrid bass weighed between two and three pounds each.

“We always have a good time here, and we always catch fish. You just need patience,” said Austin Wilson, the father of 8-yearold Reagan and 2-year-old Weston Wilson.

Greg Nolen of La-Grange is a big fan of West Point Lake, too. He caught between 25 and 30 spotted bass on Sunday on the lake. Nolen pulled in spots between two and 3.5 pounds.

He was fishing in water between 6 and 10 feet with a green, plastic worm.

“The fish were aggressive. A two-pound spot feels like a four-pound largemouth (bass). The fishing is just now getting good. This is the best day that I’ve had in three weeks,” said Noles.

The water temperature was 60 degrees on the lake.

“I just wanted to go fishing. And the spots love those (plastic) worms,” said Noles.

Samuel Sims and Ronald Ware of Union City had the spotted bass experience, too, last weekend on West Point Lake. Ware and Sims boated five spots and one largemouth bass.

Their best fish was a three-pounder. Sims and Ware were fishing with plastic worms in 12 feet of water.

“The fish are going to hit. You will catch fish,” said Sims.

Justin King of Conyers made another catch, hauling in a white bass. King was fishing with a crankbait.

“I was shallow in a cove – fishing around six feet (deep),” said King.

He also lost a three-pound largemouth bass on the day.

LaGrange fisherman Jason Phillips did most of his casting and reeling from shore. Almost was the word of the afternoon. But that is just a part of the fishing on the lake.

“I missed a couple. One was a bass. The fishing was still relaxing and peaceful. This lake is a good place for families to get together,” said Phillips.

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Sunday afternoon brought out the fishermen to Pyne Road Park, along with the blue sky and the puffy clouds. The fish were biting, too.

LaGrange angler Jason Phillips enjoys some leisure time on West Point Lake on Sunday afternoon. Fishing is a seven-day a week activity on the lake.