Hunt and Smith Outplay Seven Crappie, Catfish on West Point Lake

Not everybody on the lake is going after trophy fish.

There are fishermen who prefer crappie over largemouth bass and stripers. It just depends on your flavor of fresh water fish on West Point Lake.

As for Greg Hunt and Mike Smith of Gray, Ga., they would much rather troll the lake and come up with some tasty crappie. Hunt and Smith did that on Sunday afternoon as they snagged seven fish with five crappie and two catfish.

“I just love fishing here. It’s gorgeous, and there’s no wind. You can catch a lot of big crappie in here (at West Point Lake). They can pull pretty good, too,” said Hunt.

He and his fishing amigo caught some 1.5pound crappie and some two-pound catfish. Hunt and Smith weren’t ashamed of it either.

A fish is a fish. It’s all good.

“I don’t fish for largemouth (bass) anymore. But I do fish for crappie, and I love eating them. I like them deep fried,” said Hunt.

He and Smith trolled for all of their catches with jig lures, in water anywhere from four feet to the bottom of the lake. Jason Brinson and Mike Norris of Macon had the same idea.

They, too, spent Sunday afternoon on West Point Lake in hopes of finding sunshine and one other thing.

“We’re chasing crappie,” said Brinson.

He and Norris have hit it big with crappie on the lake before. Brinson and Norris have caught crappie as large as two pounds in LaGrange and on West Point Lake.

“We come here once a year and fish for three or four days. We stay in the cabins (at Highland Pines Resort and Marina). West Point is one of the best lakes for crappie,” said Norris. “The lake is big, and we fish with two poles on the front and the back (of the boat).”

And the fishing poles are longer than most. They are big enough for Kareem Abdul Jabbar to use. Brinson and Norris fish with 14-foot fishing poles.

They also troll with jig lures in approximately five to eight feet of water.

“Trolling is the best way,” said Norris.

Matt Wilson and Michael Hudgins of Douglasville ventured to the lake on Sunday, too, and they are glad they did. Wilson, the fishing guide, and Hudgins, the customer, filled their fishing cooler with four-pound hybrid bass and three-pound stripers.

They also pulled in some white bass with live shad. The guide and the fisherman caught some husky fish in eight to 15 feet of water.

“The fish are still biting. It’s good up the river. The fish are spawning,” said Wilson.

Hudgins saw for himself, and he caught fish like a pro angler. He was mildly surprised, with a live shad in his hand. Where’s a Saltine cracker when you need one?

“This is my first time on this lake. I just did what he told me. I caught fish because of him (Matt Wilson),” said Hudgins.

He and Wilson caught 35 fish, and they could have caught more had they stayed longer on the lake. Hudgins and Wilson had a four-hour outing.

The fish were biting when they got to West Point Lake, and the hybrds and stripers were biting when they left. Wilson and Hudgins were happy, fishy and getting wet from the afternoon rain shower.

It was a full day.

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Chris Fernsler Sports Editor

Matt Wilson and Michael Hudgins caught these bass on Sunday on West Point Lake. Hudgins and Wilson were fishing with live shad.

It rained off and on during Sunday, but the precipitation did not discourage the fishermen at Highland Pines Resort and Marina in LaGrange.

There are always more fish to catch on West Point Lake, and that included on Sunday. Crappie, hybrid bass, stripers and catfish were on the menu last weekend on the lake. The fish were biting and often.