Grajcar Boats a15-Pound Striper, Fishing Guide: “This lake is amazing.”

For some reason he keeps coming back.

The bottom line is simple for Cy Grajcar. He catches fish every time he goes to West Point Lake. It is more than a coincidence for the fishing guide from Acworth.

“This lake is amazing. There are more numbers of fish here than anywhere in Georgia. There are more 20-pound stripers on West Point Lake than anywhere in Georgia,” said Grajcar. “The fish are getting big, and I’ve been coming here a good, long time.”

According to Grajcar, West Point Lake is one of the prime fishing spots in the United States. Particularly for striped bass.

“I’ve been looking for a 30 or a 40-pounder. They are in here. Stripers pull like a freight train. They are the biggest, baddest eating species (of fish),” said Grajcar.

He would know. Grajcar makes a living at catching stripers, especially on West Point Lake. This fishing guide of prominence and stripers baits his hook with live shad, which weigh at least one pound.

Grajcar goes after big game of the fish variety. This fishing guide is a striper specialist.

“I caught a 37-pounder on West Point Lake last February. Stripers can pull off 50 feet of line (before you blink),” said Grajcar.

As for his four-hour fishing trip on Tuesday, Grajcar and Lori Hobbs of Gainesville, Ga. caught 28 stripers and two spotted bass. The stripers were as fat as 15 pounds.

“Most of our stripers weighed at least eight pounds,” said Grajcar.

All 30 of their fish were released. Hobbs caught 20 of those fish – stripers included.

“Fishing is my passion. It is exhilarating, and I get nervous (sometimes). I also like the scenery – the ospreys and the loons (on the lake),” said Hobbs.

She also likes catching fish by the pound and the striper on West Point Lake. The fish have been on a feeding frenzy this week. Fishing locals and out-of-staters have been pulling in fish consistently. James Gregory of Somerset, Ky. and Mark Castle of Lebanon, Ohio caught 36 largemouth bass and crappie on Tuesday afternoon. The largemouth weighed two pounds, most of them. The crappie were one-pounders.

“We’re fishing with ultralight tackle. This lake has structure, and bass, crappie and stripers. This is a scenic and pretty lake,” said Castle.

He and Gregory were fishing at a depth of two to four feet. They made catches with minnows and jigs.

“We do a lot of jigging. You can catch some big stripers in here. We fish shallow, and we’ve been coming here (to West Point Lake) for five years,” said Gregory.

And although he caught fish by the dozen and then some earlier this week, Gregory also lost a wellfed striped bass on Tuesday afternoon. Gregory’s big loss was a 15 to 18pound striper that swam away.

“He was on my line for five minutes, and it felt like 30 minutes. He took off, and my heart was pounding. The fish broke my hook,” said Gregory.

He will be thinking about that for awhile, at least until he catches his next crappie or largemouth bass.

West Point Lake is loaded with hungry fish, and they are not on a diet.

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Fishing guide Cy Grajcar had a story or two to tell after another fishing trip on West Point Lake. Grajcar and Lori Hobbs of Gainesville, Ga. caught 28 stripers and two spotted bass on Tuesday afternoon.

James Gregory of Somerset, Ky. took advantage of the fantastic fishing on West Point Lake this week. Gregory and Mark Castle of Lebanon, Ohio caught 36 largemouth bass and crappie.


Chris Fernsler Sports Editor