May Pushes Back Against Coronavirus, Martial Arts Instructor is Teaching Online

Not even the coronavirus epidemic is going to keep Don May from doing what he enjoys the most – teaching people how to defend themselves. For more than 20 years, May has been a karate instructor. He teaches techniques, confidence and discipline, as well as offensive and defensive skills. May is a fearless martial artist.

And he has been painting a pretty picture since he was a skinny kid of 13.

“I had low self esteem. My dad got me into martial arts after school. I developed some physical fitness,” said May.

He has been devoted to karate and similar forms of the martial arts since then – first as a competitor and now as an instructor. He opened the May Martial Arts studio nine years ago in LaGrange.

“We are family-oriented with myself, my wife and three kids. My wife is a black belt (in the martial arts). We teach posture, timing and rhythm. We start off with kicks, and we teach reaction skills. We enforce respect, and we teach better flexibility,” said May.

He and his family also embrace life skills. Even now, in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, May is still giving karate lessons online. He is not going to let the coronavirus disrupt all the aspects of his daily routine.

And that includes teaching tange soo do, boxing and jujitsu. Don May is a man of his word, and he is a martial artist with a kick. He is a fearless instructor.

“I’m trying to change a mindset. You have to block your worries out. People need to get off the couch and get active. The martial arts energizes me. It gets my blood pumping. I am teaching how to punch and kick (karate style),” said May.

He presently has 85 martial arts students in La-Grange. For new pupils, the first two weeks of lessons are free. The lessons cost $10 per week after that.

“I am trying to get people active and engaged. You can’t give up when things get hard. When I put my uniform on, that turns the switch. We have a lot of fun with it,” said May. “Our classes have been online for three weeks, and it is positive. We focus on each individual student.”

The online classes last from 30 minutes to an hour.

“We develop skills and teach people how to defend themselves. The students learn about the proper defensive stance, and how to use their elbows and knees. We do a lot of punching and kicking,” said May. “We teach perseverance. We get people in better shape. And they will learn how to defend themselves.”

Don May and his staff teach the martial arts to children, as well as adults. For more information about the online karate classes, call 706-681-0258.

“I have even taught some ladies in their 70’s,” said May.

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Chris Fernsler Sports Editor