Caleb Delay Has Some ‘Spotted’ Luck with 12 Bass, Three-Pounders, Too

Adventure flows through his veins like grape Kool-Aid at a Boy Scout picnic.

It was more of the same on Thursday afternoon for Caleb Delay. The boat ramp was calling him. He responded.

He came, and he caught another dozen spotted bass on West Point Lake. It has happened many times before for the fisherman from Williamson (Pike County).

“This is my favorite lake. If you want to catch a lot of fish, this is the place to come. The fishing is (only) getting better,” said Delay.

The water temperature was right. It was between 70 and 71 degrees. The spotted bass were biting anything that moved. Delay caught the bass as big as three pounds.

“They were chasing bait (fish). I caught the spotted bass under the docks. You just have to trust your equipment. I get better every time. I went fishing (on West Point Lake) five times last week,” said Delay.

As for Thursday, he let all 12 of his fish go.

“I like to release them,” said Delay.

But he likes to catch them much more than letting them go. Delay was fishing with a top water lure.

William Hicks of Fayetteville made another Thursday catch with a 3.5pound largemouth bass. Hicks fished in four to five feet of water with a plastic worm.

“This is the first time that I’ve fished here. They were biting. It was nice, clean fun. I was fishing the point,” said Hicks.

His son-and-law, Russell Harris, teamed up with Hicks to catch five other largemouth bass on Tuesday on the lake. One of the bass weighed four pounds.

“I love it. We missed a couple. They snapped the line. But this was fun. I was teaching my daughter how to cast,” Harris said of four-year-old Maddie Kay.

Russell Harris has been to West Point Lake before. The fishing excursion brought back some fond memories.

“I used to go to a Boy Scout camp (on the lake as a kid),” said Harris.

Lewis Causey of Chatthoochee Hills, a good bit older, was taking in the sights of the lake with his wife on Thursday. They were fishing in two to 10 feet of water with topwater lures.

The Causeys can’t get enough of the lake.

“This is God’s creation. We are here to catch fish. You never know when they are going to hit. We get excited, and we holler (with each catch),” said Causey.

Daniel Douglas of Greenville was doing more boating and jet skiing than fishing, but he got wet and comfortable on West Point Lake.

“I got a suntan, and I like the peacefulness. I wish I lived on this lake,” said Douglas.

Todd Pursley does live on the lake in a houseboat. He is also a fishing guide on the lake. Pursley knows how, when and why on West Point Lake.

His fishing customers caught 35 fish one day and 45 the next day, recently.

“I always fish with live shad in seven to eight feet of water. I go after stripers and hybrids,” said Pursley.

He has caught bass as large as 30 pounds in LaGrange.

“This is a good lake. People come here to fish,” said Pursley.

Dave Will of LaGrange has been there and done that. He made one more catch on Thursday afternoon with a two-pound largemouth. Will made the catch with a Texas Rig in one foot of water.

He fished from his 13foot, pedal-powered, plastic boat. This was some ‘reel’ fishing.

“I fished near the bank. The water was super clear,” said Will.

He released his largemouth bass like he usually does. The fish swam home, and Will paddled off.

It was another day of leisure on West Point Lake.

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Dave Will was busy pedaling and fishing on Thursday at Highland Pines Resort and Marina. Will caught and released a two-pound largemouth bass.

There was another classical spring day on West Point Lake with sunshine and a slight breeze on Thursday afternoon. Sunglasses were optional and fun was imminent.

It was a fine time to relax and interact on West Point Lake on Thursday afternoon. And it was a good place to be.


Chris Fernsler Sports Editor