Site of Elder Abuse, Animal Hoarding Condemned, Judge Orders Hogansville House Demolished

Tommy Murphy
Staff Writer

The Hogansville Municipal Court has ordered that a former residence on Church Street be cleaned up and demolished. The location is the site of where more than 20 dogs were removed during an elder abuse investigation last year.

City Manager David Milliron says five dumpsters have already been hauled away from the Church Street property as the cleanup continues.

The residence was condemned not long after an Adult Protective Services investigation in July of last year revealed that an 80year-old woman, who was supposedly being taken care of by her grandson, Bobby Allen McCoy, was living in horrid conditions.

Police arrested McCoy after finding his grandmother living in completely unsanitary conditions in the residence at 206 Church Street.

Inside the residence, investigators found large amounts of dog feces, derelict and dangerous building conditions, and signs of a rodent infestation, along with 20-plus dogs.

The female was subsequently hospitalized and the animals were seized from the residence.

McCoy was arrested shortly afterwards and charged with Elder Abuse and Animal Neglect.

More than 20 dogs were removed from the residence, some of which had to be euthanized because of deteriorating health.

The city expects to begin demolition on the former home this week.

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