The Norican team and leaders, LaGrange

Norican Group Announces the Grand Opening of Technology Distribution Hub in LaGrange

Tammy Greathouse
Staff Writer

The Wheelabrator business has been in this community for more than 30 years. As a leading provider in manufacturing of surface equipment, the company has grown and amalgamated with other technological businesses through the years since it relocated from Mishawaka Indiana. Wheelabrator is now a part of the Norican Group along with 3 other companies; DISA, Striko Westofen, and Italpresse/Gauss. On Tuesday, July 18, announced the grand opening of Norican Group that now resides in LaGrange as the North American Hub.

Anders Wilhjelm CEO joined Norican on April 1, 2019. Mr. Wilhjelm shared that he is very excited about joining the Norican team. Wilhjelm spoke to over 100 local employees, and members of the community and LaGrange/Troup County chamber of commerce. He stated, “Over time we have seen the business grow through acquisitions and also through organic growth in order to cater for the increasing size of our family we have been expanding the footprint in this facility to support all our brands and to improve the service level that we have toward our customers in the all of North America”. DISA and Wheelabrator came together in 2008 about 3 years ago they acquired the aluminum business Striko Westofen and Italpresse/Gauss that was combined as well. CEO Wilhjelm said, “It’s pretty simple we would like to continue to grow”.

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Announcing the Grand Opening of Norican Group in LaGrange CEO Anders Wilhjelm cuts Grand Opening Ribbon. Also pictured Mr. Kim Tjerrild VP and CFO of the Americas.

The Norican team and leaders, LaGrange