Rotary Ever Learning More to Help Those Around Them

On Wednesday, the La-Grange Rotary met together for their weekly lunch. Not only did they have a special speaker, they also recognized members that have had perfect attendance. There are members that have had perfect attendance for many years, with Clark Johnson holding the most years with perfect attendance.

The guest speaker of the day was Peter Marks. He is the President/CEO of seed programs international. He is also been an active member in Rotary for many years. He told of how not only Rotary, and businesses, but people all over the US could help others in need.

The seed program is unique in that for people that are in need or have been through a national disaster, they don’t just supply a helping hand for a one time fix. By sending seeds, and by training people what to do with the seeds, those in need can grow gardens to not only feed themselves, but to sale to make money for their family as well.

The neat thing about the seeds was that so many seeds here in our country get thrown away, yet this organization found a way to use them to help others. Seeds that are to be thrown away are donated to SPI who then in turn determine what seed would grow best in what country, test the seeds regularly, package them, and then ships them.

They partner with different organizations that can help provide training, tools, and support. They have studied climate, context, and culture to see what is needed most in the area so that they can successfully start to grow gardens and sustain themselves.

What a wonderful idea. By teaching them and supplying them with what they need to grow a productive garden to sustain them so that they can take one step further away from poverty is simply going back to basics to help others.

Something as small as sending seeds and teaching them to use them is something that is major in the terms of helping others, even if it is just helping in your community, little things can be big helps to those in need.

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Rotary Members with perfect attendance

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