Sinkhole in Hogansville Gets a Make Over

Beautiful Hogansville has had some of its roads closed off due to a broken pipe. This can cause delays and traffic problems, but the City of Hogansville was working behind the scenes to get the problem corrected in a timely manner.

Because of the broken pipe, a sinkhole had formed at Lawrence Street at White Avenue. A 42 inch reinforced concrete pipe separated, broke, underground and dropped around 56 feet from a pedestal top inlet that is located on the southeast side of the intersection there at White Avenue.

After competitive bids were sought by the City of Hogansville, Crawford Grading and Pipeline, Inc., was awarded the work in the amount of $48,201 with a 5 percent contingency for unforeseen issues.

On Wednesday, the work began on the sinkhole to repair the pipe and fix the sinkhole.

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Melanie Turner Editor


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