Ribbon Cutting of a State of Hope site here in LaGrange

Ribbon Cutting: State of Hope Award

The Wellroot Family Services in LaGrange was recognized by Georgia’s State of Hope initiative this past Monday. The ribbon cutting brought out many prestigious figures that help shape the state of Georgia and the LaGrange, Troup County community. The ribbon cutting saw Current Lieutenant Governor, Geoff Duncan, Mayor of LaGrange, Jim Thornton, Wellroot CEO, Hale Jones, and not to mention Miss Georgia herself, Victoria Hill. All of them spoke proudly while sharing their aspirations and goals for the foundation on the grounds of Western Heights Baptist Church.

Wellroot is an organization that is committed to supporting children from infancy to early adulthood to reach their full potential. They are doing so by innovating training, supporting churches, and collaborating with community partners to help with the identification of foster families to provide them support while they care for their children. With the support shown from Wellroot, families all over the world have benefited from them and went on to live happy and healthy lives with their children having hopes and dreams of becoming successful in their future. Wellroot of Lagrange is honored to be continuing building families and helping children of this community.

Troup County was selected for the work they have done throughout this county for engaging in cultivating the community and addressing the needs of vulnerable children and their families. CEO Hale Jones acknowledged all the organizations that have come together to make the special occasion a reality for Troup County. “We wouldn’t be celebrating this community, La-Grange, Troup County, being awarded a State of Hope Recognition unless everyone shared the same vision, “said Jones. “ I believe this is will be a model for our state but also a model for this country.”

Mayor Jim Thornton mentioned he had very little knowledge of the foster care system before he met with Hale Jones. Thornton became aware of the foster problem in LaGrange, which seen foster kids being sent to other regions for care. He also gave thanks to the different factions that have made up Wellroot of LaGrange because without their ability to collaborate the new Wellroot facility would not be here in this community. “I’m thrilled that Wellroot has taken this new approach and they have chosen LaGrange and Troup County as one of their demonstration sites, I think it’s going to be very successful here.” Wellroots work in Troup County is cultivating the community and embracing new approaches to better serve children and their families.

Everyone who was in attendance understands the importance of this program in Troup County. They aspire to look for ways to give the kids in this community resources and the opportunity to figure out how to be a positive impact on this world. Lieutenant Governor Duncan referred to it as a perfect intersection on how to tackle an issue. “These are people in LaGrange that wake up every day with the challenges in front of them and they understand the mechanisms to become successful,” said Duncan. His personal goal is to keep the momentum going and trying to solve the problems.

Wellroot has an official place in this county, so that they can continue doing great things for the children in this area. The ribbon was cut, declaring Western Heights Baptist Church an official State of Hope founded site.

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Lieutenant Governor Duncan using his platform to continue seeking change.

Miss Georgia, Victoria Hill was in attendance

Mayor Jim Thornton showing appreciation of Wellroot choosing the LaGrange branch.


Nicholas Dantzler Staff Writer