LaGrange Blueprint is Now HOWL Printing Company

Tammy Greathouse
Staff Writer

For the past 7 years La-Grange Blueprint has created high quality graphics and a great variety of digital printing for businesses and individuals. A ribbon cutting and re-branding party was held at the business location, 229 S. Davis Road to mark the official name change for the company to Howl Printing Company.

When asked why they chose the name HOWL. Jeremy Clay responded that they all agreed that it was a name people would remember. Several of the guys who make this company great have actually been friends for a long time, and two of the men are brothers. Clay said they have all stuck together since their youth much like a pack. He said they felt the need to change the name because they want the community to know that they can create so much more than blueprints. They can print just about anything. Everything from architectural plans to standard document printing and more is available. Anything they can’t do they can outsource and have it ready fast. They also have a great selection of office supplies. Beth Schiller of Refresh Me Center said she has used this business over the years and loves the work they do. She enthusiastically stated that they were “Johnny on the spot” this week when she called them for a banner and printings for an event at the LaGrange Mall on this Thursday.

The wonderful staff and owners of Howl Printing appreciate the support of the community for all these years and will continue to produce high quality documents and communication products to help facilitate growth and development in LaGrange and Troup County. Check out their web page at howlprintingco.com for more information.

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LaGrange Blueprint has a new name! It is now HOWL Printing Company.